February POTM Entries!

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here a pic of my mandarin. hopefully it says up this time. ill post as a thumbnail this time see if it makes a difference.


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Very nice pic, xxKnuckleheadxx! Looks very fat and happy.

Also really like Dustin's Anthias. Love the way they school.
I want to change my entry to a 3 part series! Unconventional I know, but, well, it's artsy, haha..


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Well, we can only put one pic on the front page at a time... Sorry. What if you photoshop them all into one image?
Are we allowed to photoshop our pics? Because then i would totally do it and touch it up. But wouldnt that be cheating? I never photoshoped any of my pics because i assumed it wouldnt be allowed.
To me, merging three images into a one-image series isn't really photoshopping or touching up. It's not actually changing the pictures you see. I'm sure nearly everyone touches up their photos somehow before they submit them. I don't have photoshop or any sort of photo editing software, so with my pictures, "crop" and "autofix" are all I can do :(
I never touched up any of my entries because i just assumed it wouldnt be allowed. That sucks, wish i knew this before. I mean if you look at my shrimp pic you can tell its raw and not touched up, i could really clean it up. But would that be fair?
really awesome pictures everyone! they look awesome. i just wanted to throw my props out to everyone. i havent been able to keep up lately but all of the pictures look awesome
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