Feather Dusters

Damn, it must of been a bitch counting all of them:mrgreen: Some wrasses eat them, peppermint shrimp or you could manually remove.

This reminds me of a local reefer that hated his and was disturbed by how unsightly they were. So he sent me a pic of his infestation and they turned out to be colonial hydroids which can look similar:frustrat:

Anyway happy hunting if you decide to eradicate.
They are literally growing everywhere. So they bother some of my zoas by growing on top of them. Peppermint shrimp would be a hit or miss right?
I always wanted to do a time lapse photo session or vid a new clean up crew or shrimp on an algae bloom or some plague like this. Do you have a pic of how bad it is?
It's not like some other people where its like covering evvery square inch. It's just that there are more than I would like, and they are growing on my corals and bothering them so that they won't open up.
I used to have this problem. They were in my fluval, sump, skimmer, everywhere! They didn't hurt anything though and I love looking for them lol. I took my tank down for a year so no more! :'(

I wish I knew somebody around here with good live rock! All I have right now are tigger pods everywhere and I found a dead rock crab on some live rock from the Lfs. No good rock at any stores around here!