Feather duster worms?


Reefing newb
Hey guys,

If you look at the picture, behind the clam you can see a couple of feather duster like crowns.

If youve followed my tank thread you will know I have a big feather duster worm these are micro in comparison and they are burrowed throughout the rock rather than tubes attached to the rock.

They have just started poping up all over the rock my clam came on. My thoughts were that they would just be some form of feather duster filter feed and harmless but just thought I would check with you all :-D

Theres another thing on the rock too which I cant capture in photo its kinda the shape of like a barnacle or a moth casing if you get what i mean - its color is green/clear/tan and then it has a bunch of violet dots extruding from it... Pretty vague description but thats all ive got haha