External filter netter than


Reefing newb
I have an Emperpr filter that hangs on the back, mine is the big on with 2 wheels. I was talking with someone and they suggested an external filter. Other than an external allowing me more room to attach a protrin skimmer, I can't think of anything else.

My tank is a hexagon and I do not have a lot of room to clip on filters, powerheard, protein skimmer.
A sump would do great for your tank.That way you got added water volume,you can get the heater and skimmer out of sight,and its another excuse to to play with the tank.
Then you'd just have a HOB overflow on the back,unless of course you decided to drill it,then you wouldnt have anything on the back except a couple of bulkheads.
+1 yote. There are so many possibilities with a sump. You could do a wet dry in it, you could put a massive skimmer in it, you could put a refugium in it, or you could just have it for the extra water. Whichever way you go it will take up less area at the top of your tank and be a massive improvement over that emporer.
These guys are 100% right! I had emps on my tank when I first got it, after about a month the biowheels would barely turn. They caused a lot of salt creep too. They did do a good job while they were on, but they are bad in too many ways...not worth the keep in my opinion.