Excited about my live rock!


Reefing newb
Ok I know I am new to this but! I got some live rock today only 10 lbs but its a start. I know its "live" rock so there is stuff living on it. But I did not realize how many little things would be moving around on it. I have a couple little like tentacle looking plants that hide in the rock and come out when they think its safe! There is another little toadstool looking thing that pops in and out. Then there is a little critter that is walking all around he has like tenticles for a head and a stem body, very small about a 1/2 in long.

I also got some snails and little hermit crabs

My amonia level spiked a little .5 to 1 I am assuming its because of the live rock.

I am getting excited about my new money pit!
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Here is one of my little plant.

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thats aiptasia..an anemone..some consider it a pest ..it multiply fast..it can kill corals by consuming food suply
NO!!! Is it really? I was excited about it! What will it do? By the way I got the live rock from Aquatic Critters. That place is awesome. Thanks for the tip reeffreak.

Here is a pic of all 10lbs! Ya know 10lbs is not much!!
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tell us more about your system..filters etc...more full tank pics,..everione is very nice here..and willing to give advice..by the way welcome!!
Robi,remove the rock and squirt some boiling water on the Aiptasia anemone.They will spread very fast and sting corals.I would also go ahead and remove those Halimeda algae.Those algae plants consume calcium and are not generally desired in a main tank....okay for a fuge though.I don't believe it will live through the cycle anyways.

Besides that,NICE rocks!
Its a 33 gal corner tank I have a fluval 205 canister (used to be a freshwater tank) and I have a AquaC Remora Pro on the way. I will probably be ready for fish by the weekend.

What will the little crabs do? And should I be concerned about my ammonia spike?
I just read this and I have like 4 little Red Legged ("Hairy") Hermit Crabs.

Perhaps the best (cheapest, most readily available, easiest to track and remove...) Aiptasia nemesis are a few Hermit Crabs. In particular the more common "Red Legged ("Hairy") Hermit Crab, Dardanus megistos (Image) is an almost-all-the-time reef-safe animal that also eats pest algae. One or two to a tank is all it takes.
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I don't believe you will be ready for fish this weekend.Check ammonia and nitrite,once they spike and then return to zero then you should be ready for fish.

What crabs are you talking about?
I have some little Red Legged ("Hairy") Hermit Crabs

How long do you think it will take for the amonia level to go down?
I never heard of hermits eating aiptasias.

I also think your system is too young for inverts including crabs right now.I dunno if they will even survive.
I also have hairlike white tenticles coming from a hole in the live rock and its pulling little pieces of trash into the hole. Any ideas what that might be
Reef and Rigos right.Get rid of that aiptasia.It will take your tank over pretty quick.
I also agree to wait on any fish untill your cycle is done.You dont want to go spending money on fish and stuff just have it die from a crash.
Tanks looking good BTW.
I also have hairlike white tenticles coming from a hole in the live rock and its pulling little pieces of trash into the hole. Any ideas what that might be

Thats probably a little brittle star.You'll find a lot of those as hitch hikers.