Evergrow a.k.a Reef Breeders LED's - (Possible Group Buy?????)

Eric Noa

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Has anyone heard of these lights? I've been following it a thread on RC as well as the Reef Breeders sub forum on RC and these lights seem to be pretty good and have a reasonable price tag.

Here is one of the RC threads about the lights

Reefbreeders/(Evergrow OEM) Fixtures D120/IT20** series - Reef Central Online Community

The intention of this thread is to see if there is enough interest in the LED to possible start a group buy and buy these lights straight from the manufacture in China. I will give more details later if enough people show interest.
My uncle purchased these lights in a group buy about 6 months ago and is extremely happy with them. I got a chance to play with them as I built him custom acrylic tank mounts and a custom oak canopy for them. I was very impressed with them as well. I plan on picking up a pair of these too, but it might be a few months.
i think salt_for_brains is using them and he is very happy with them...i might upgrade to these as well.
Yes they are great... I just got two IT2040 with 90 degree lenses brand new for $250 each. My local club just got a shipment from a group buy they did and they got them for for that price and there were two left over so I got lucky I guess lol