Euro Reef Dimensions?


Reefing newb
I am going to build a DIY skimmer and am starting with the basics. I have become in love with the Needle type skimmers - especially the Euro Reef. I was wondering if anyone out there could give a little input with the dimensions/measurements of these skimmers. I would like to build an equivalent to the RS5-3 or CS5-3 but all I could find so far is the "footprint" 9"x9", Height 24", and diameter 5"

Reaction chamber diameter? (I assume 5â€Â)
Reaction chamber height up to the bottom of the union?
Collection cup diameter (I assume 5â€Â) /height
Riser tube diameter/height inside the collection cup from top of the union
Diameter of the output tube
Any info would be greatly appreciated!

I will be using the basic venturi design originally posted by "DON W from Reef Frontieres" and his DIY Needle Impeller