Erratic Coral Beauty


Reefing newb
I had to go away for a few days and had my neighbor feed my tank. I instructed them to feed pellets twice a day (which is fairly normal for my tank).

This morning my coral beauty wasn't swimming around like normal. After hunting for him and waking him up he seems to be swimming erratically Moving up and down next to the glass and swimming kind of panicky. He had a long trail of waste that eventually broke off and I put some seaweed in the tank that he is picking at a little.

Does anyone have any idea what might be up? Could it be from over eating? Could it be swim bladder related?

I hope he makes it. I don't even want to tell the neighbor and it might not have anything to do with it.

No, I'm not worried about the waste. I've seen that before, just saying it was a large stool so might indicate larger than normal feedings while I was gone. I'm concerned about the erratic swimming. I was hoping maybe he just ate too much and is working it off. I checked my readings and everything seems to be okay. But, I plan to do a water change later today.

Also, my six-line wrasse just disappeared about 5 days ago. I assume he died and the clean-up crew disposed of him...just wondering what's going on here.

I don't think it's a parasite. There is no discoloration or other signs of topical stress. None of my other fish are exhibiting signs of stress.
Honestly I'm thinking you may have just startled him when you woke him up and thats why you were seeing the erradic swimming. To be on the safe side, I'd do a decent sized water change (parameters often get out of whack when someone else takes care of the tank) and maybe keep lights off for part of the day just to give him time to settle down. I hope all works out!
We just added a Coral Beauty. He is hiding in the reef and he won't come out to eat. He swims when the lights are out.... sometimes. I'm wondering if he's scared of the lights or something. I bought him at an LFS that does not have their tanks illuminated for some reason so he's been swimming in the dark for who knows how long. He's been in the tank 5 days now and he's still alive so he must be nibbling some of the food I've offered. Very strange. What ever happened with yours? Thanks
It sometimes takes fish a little time to get over the initial shyness that can come with moving tanks. If he's eating, he'll be fine. Just give him time.

How big is your tank?
If you go on vacation or extended trip in the future, take note in knowing that it's OK if the fish aren't fed. I would invest in a light timer if you don't have one. That way if you have corals, you aren't giving them too much light.
Fish can go for a couple of weeks without eating before they start to really take a turn for the worse.

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