Emperor Angel

I am now going through a ich outbreak in my 150 gal reef tank. All seem to be doing better except for the emperor. He is an adult at about 6 or 7 inches that is still eating, but is splotchy and stands on his head when the lights go out. He seems to be hiding more during the day than normal, have treated the tank with kick-ich. Really hate to lose this beautiful fish, and would appreciate any suggestions or comments from anyone that has seen this before.
That product is reef safe I believe, which means it will not be completely effective in removing all the ich. Are you soaking his food in garlic and vitamins that would help.
with garlic yes, vitamins no. Will try to pick up something like Selcon tmrw. I think I partially created my problem, i have done large water changes (30 gal) every two weeks for the past six weeks, I think I caused my tank to cycle and had an amn spike. Plus I added a gobythat bit and chased several of my fish. My sailfin had 6 or 8 bitemarks from the goby.I was trying to lower nitrates, now at 10 but have other issues.
Man,i feel your pain....my koran introduced ich to my DT about a year ago( he was not QTed....long story)....i chose to remove all the fish from my DT and do hypo in a hospital tank for 34 days...and leave my DT fallow for 8+ weeks.....no sign of ich for over a year now.....if its possible i would consider this,i'm glad i did it....those kick-ich and ich gones just don't kill it off....good luck
thanks man,don't know which way to go, afraid that if i put him in a hospital tank the stress may be worse on him....he is still eating but breathing really heavy at times and still not as active as he was..the blue tand is almost cleared up completely now (of course) but the imperator seems to be struggling the most.. still "grunting" at me though!! tks for the reply