Eheim Pump Question


Ol' Salty
I am adding a second tank onto my display tank via a shared sump. The second tank will be for extra soft corals, and maybe another fish. I would like to use an external pump for this, I have never used one (I always have used maxijet, in-water pumps). My question is:

Can I somehow pull water from two sources using only one pump? I am planning on adding some mangroves soon, and I want a separate tank for that too, could I use the same Eheim to pull water from the sump to the return of the second tank AND pump water from the mangroves tank into the sump (with it having it's own overflow from the second tank to the mangrove area).

This is the pump I want:

Eheim Universal Hobby Pump

Do I need to buy any special fittings to attach Schedule 80 PVC to the pump? Can I just use PVC sealant directly on the pump? It seems like the pump would not be able to be used twice, but maybe I'm missing something here. The inlet and outlet on the pump don't appear to be right for PVC, but look like they use clamp on tubing.

One more question... Since I am using an overflow HOB for the second tank (leftover from my last build), how will I be able to keep the PVC piping upright? If it's only attached to the return pump (I am not drilling this tank), how do I get the PVC to stay put on the way back to the tank? I want to have like 4 returns that are smaller, for great water flow (seeing as it's a frag tank), so I'm not really sure how to attach it. Are there special brackets I can use?