Edge - Deep Blue 60 Cube Build

That's what I do Marinne, I use braided tubing for the return. You should never hard plumb a pipe from a pump to a tank the whole way because of vibration issues.
As a side note on the stand for your tank. Make sure the middle of the bottom glass is supported. I cut out the broken bottom in mine tonight and found out the bottom is a floating pane, that means it needs the support. It was VERY easy to remove.
Wow! Thank you for that information.. I will make sure to reinforce the middle. I was also contemplating adding the braided hose in on the return plumbing from the pump to the first elbow which would be approximately a foot and a half roughly.. then hard plumb the rest of the plumbing including the overflow, I love the look of a hard plumbed tank.
I got that tank for $20 and the guy told me his eel toppled rocks over onto where the sand had blown away exposing the glass. It has 8mm side panes, I'm going to use the glass from the Dutch 135 Mini-Reef I just took apart for the bottom pane that's 10mm. Just watch how you do the rock work in there and don't drop anything.
Thank you for the advice, I will keep that in mind.. I will also be using BRS Reef Saver rock, from experience the pieces tend to hold quite well together so that shouldn't be a problem. Got a few things in today, time to put the return plumbing together as well as mount the apex and new reactor :)


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Cure the rock before using it. Even though it's dry, quite a bunch of people in my reefing club have noticed that Marco and BRS dry rock tend to leach phosphates into the water. Just a heads up :)
Good advice Anthony BRS recommends curing there dry rock for a month before adding to the tank or a month in the tank no light before adding livestock of any kind.