Edge - Deep Blue 60 Cube Build

Lieutenant Tang

Reefing newb
Hey, this is the beginning to my 60 gallon Deep Blue Professional cube build. I have been ordering the pieces here and there as I go, taking my time to ensure that the final result is as close to what I have envisioned as possible. Here are a few sneak peek photo's of what I got in today.
  • Edge - Deep Blue Professional 60 gallon cube 24 x 24 x 24
  • Ventura Stand
  • Trigger Systems 20c Sump 20 x 20 x 18
  • MAG 9.5 Return Pump


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Welcome aboard! Can't wait to see this unfold into a awesome reef!

On a side note~ I had a mag 9.5 on my 60g cube for a while. It was like a pressure washer returning into the tank. 900gph is a lot of return for a 24x24x24 cube lol. My suggestion is to add a ball valve so you can control the flow to your liking. This will help avoid any problems in the DT.

Looking forward to this build!
Hey, thanks for the suggestion I do intend to use a ball valve to control flow, as well as run my reactors off of the 9.5, That should help me out a little bit, thanks!

Here are a few more pictures of the tank, stand and new Trigger Systems Ruby sump! I'm extremely happy with this addition, I'm usually a DIY kind of guy when it comes to this aspect of the build, but I'm glad I opted for the Trigger Systems 20c :thumbsup: I will be finishing up all of the plumbing tomorrow, I will post new pictures when it's all plumbed and ready for water :)


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I hear you, DIY is half the fun! What's the footprint on that sump? And how's it laid out? I'm personally not a fan of socks lol. As a DIYer I normally just build a tray for a piece of cut filter pad that does the same thing lol.

Also, I may have missed this, but what type of lighting are you going to be using?

And, any stocking plans thus far?

Sorry, I love build threads! I get to live vicariously through you for the duration :D
sweet tank man, love cubes and I agree with Anthony...900gph is a lot for 60G's, I am only running 1080 GPH in my 180
I will make sure I throw in a ball valve on my return line to tune it down, I will also be running 2-3 reactors off of the return line and MAG 9.5 as well.
When you build the manifold, add a additional spot to tap off and cap it. This way, you can always run a line back into the sump just in case it's still to strong. I managed with it lol (I made a spraybar for it to help evenly distribute the return since I wasn't running any reactors on mine)
Good idea! Will the 9.5 be too much pressure for the 3/4'' PVC return plumbing that came with my tank? This has got me thinking, I don't want my PVC to explode due to too much pressure.. Should I just return it and buy a MAG 5 or 7 instead? Will the 5 or 7 be enough to run say 2 reactors?
I used 3/4" return for my cube as well. Like I said, by adding in the reactors, it should help decrease the flow going up to the DT. Worse case scenario, you can just make a spray bar like I did. It worked like a charm, and helped evenly distribute water across the whole tank lol. Or, you can just run another line off your manifold right back into the sump (skimmer section is best [or fuge lol, either or!]). IMO it's better to have bigger, and make it work. This way, if you ever upgrade in the future, you don't have to upgrade equipment again lol
I only have a Mag5 running the return on the 57 rimless and it's just fine. I just found a 60 rimless cube on Craigslist with the bottom busted out. I think this would be a good tank to learn repair on. I built the fuge for Boxermom's tank, might give this a whirl.

PVC pipe has a burst pressure just north of 150 psi at the temps we're running. If you burst a piece of PVC pipe at 70-80 degrees, it was probably a manufacturing defect. I use Schedule 80 for most of my plumbing now, makes it look professional, not like you plumbed the toilet and sink, lol.
Thanks guys great information, lol I am also thinking about using schedule 80 PVC for my tank, I chopped up a bunch of schedule 40 tonight and laid the foundation under my tank, switched a few things around in my design due to limited space that comes with the cube shape, but believe I have it where I want it, I will be ordering 80 tomorrow to go back in and finish it up. Again great advice guys I appreciate it!
Checked with Lowes and Home Depot, unfortunately they do not carry schedule 80 PVC in stock, just 40? They stated that this is something that they would have to order. I will keep looking but in the mean time I have been further critiquing my plumbing design both for looks and functionality :cool: before I go back in and re do it with schedule 80 plumbing as well as gate valves instead of ball. Here is a model of my manifold that I have designed to be plumbed in under my tank (my first ever) let me know what you think, also I am thinking of hard plumbing my return line while using a hose for my overflow line, are there any disadvantages to this or will I be ok?


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Schedule 80 was cheap too, I ordered it on the internet. I just want to have the peace of mind that my plumbing will be ok running a MAG 9.5 through 3/4'' PVC.
I'm going to be starting on the wife's cube, picked the one up with a busted bottom today so I'll be able to help more having one in front of me. I will be doing a custom stand to house a larger sump. I need to find a cheap alternative to the $75 plumbing kit!!
You're NEVER, EVER going to have the pressure it requires to burst Sch 40 piping unless the pressure goes up over 150 psi and 150 degrees. In 25 years as a heavy industrial maintenance technician I have yet to see PVC burst unless those criterion are met. I just like Sch 80 because it looks professional, not for the pressure resistance.
Thanks for that info it puts me at ease, I too like the schedule 80 look as well, I just went and order all my schedule 80 PVC since none of the stores around me carried it in stock. Also went and ordered my Neptune Apex Controller and BRS Deluxe Reactors. Waiting until payday to order the Ecotech Radion Gen 2 and my x2 Vortech MP10'S. Little by little piecing this build together, taking my time to ensure that the final presentation is how I envisioned it. I will be posting more pictures as everything comes together.
you are going to have some fun stuff!!!...have you ever considered soft plumbing the return line? I have done that twice and really like the braided flexible lines