dwarf seahorses


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So, for the last 6 months or so I've been thinking about setting up a dwarf seahorse tank. ath work I've fallen in love with the little guys and I'd really love to have a few of my own... this is what I was thinking:

I was thinking of getting 2-3 pairs from here: Cramer's Caribbean Critters,algae cleaners but i dont like that they are all wild-caught :( i dont wanna support that, so anyone know where i can get captive bred ponies?

also, i was thinking of setting them up in a 10 gallon tank with live black sand, and dry rock with lots of macro algae/feather calurpa and maybe on down the road some mushrooms, but i want to keep it very natural and easy for them to been seen with enough coverage to make them feel secure.

I plan on starting up my own brine breeding and rotifers here in the next week or so and thought i would start asking before purchasing. I've done a lot of reading on them but i'd like to know if anyones had them first hand and if a 10g is too small, i know these guys are only an inch big, but i wanna give em room to be comfy too :)
I had Dwarf Horses when I was a kid. They are a lot of fun to keep and aren't as hard to keep as they once were. Just get a pair and then raise the babies then you'll have captive bred ones. :)
Picasso will know where to get them. You should never get wild-caught. They just don't survive very long. They are much more susceptible to illness and starvation than captive bred.
I've talked to the guys here: Seahorse Source, the ultimate place for captive bred seahorses.

several times. Dan and Abbey are awesome. They have captive bred dwarf ponies now. I'm so excited for you! Don;'t buy wild caught. They are endangered, they have a wide variety of illnesses, like worms and they are not as healthy as captive bred. There has just been some legislation regarding the sale of wild caught seahorses and I believe it is illegal in the US but I'm not sure about the dwarf ponies.

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According to the CITES data-base, the dwarf is officially listed as vulnerable in the wilds. Some countries have banned the sale of wild-caught but the US isn't one of them due to the pressure from Project Seahorse which is working to get better legislation passed.

How is this going? Have you set up your tank yet?

A smaller tank (to an extent) is better for dwarf seahorses than a larger tank. The reason for this is food density; If you have too large of a tank, its too hard to keep the dwarf seahorses well fed without overfeeding the tank and causing water quality issues. In fact, a 10 gallon can be too large if you have too few dwarf seahorses.

Beth at Seahorse Corral also has CB dwarves sometimes. Either Beth or Dan are really great sources for CB seahorses.