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I'm leaving in about 10 minutes to go check out Drs F&S retail location in Rhinelander, WI with my local fish club. I'll take lots of pics for you folks! Hooray to dry goods and salt with no shipping charges!

It's a good place to go. I was thinking about joining that reef club that meets there, don't they meet in the aqua culture facility? I've never been in there before, not until the end of june when they have the coral frag conference. You should make it for that, it should be crazy. 3 days of coral frag swap and guest speakers.
It was about a 3.5 hour drive for me. I met a fellow Fox Valley club member to carpool with.

I took mainly pics of what I want to get once my tank is set-up. However, here's a link to a local club's trip and a thread about the trip that my club mates will be posting to:

MARS: MARS • View topic - So... what'd you get at DFS?

Fox Valley Club (most are acclimating atm):

Personally, I got tons of salt and misc dry good items. Our club scored 10% off, all the soda we could drink and free pizza. Many many thanks to the DFS staff who were all incredibly nice and knowledgable. We all got a free frag from a frag demo that they did for us.

Every room in that huge place has a tank (the men's room has a goldfish tank even.) GREAT facility. GREAT people. They know fish and they support the local fish scene.
Thats cool, glad to hear you had a good trip and got a free frag. If only that place was just a little closer I would go visit.