Drs Foster and Smith and Fed Ex


Recently, I ordered an aquarium stand from Drs Foster and Smith. Shipped Fed Ex Ground. Shipped really fast out of Drs. As always I track my deliveries and acouple days later, noticed that it had departed from one fed ex location but never arrived along with the other shipments in my order. I waited a couple days then called Fed Ex to see what the problem was. I expected to stay on hold for half an hour then have to complain my way into an agreement.

The exact opposite happened. I was talking with a LIVE person within 5 minutes and just gave them my tracking number and they said they would check on it. The next day they called and told me that the shipping label had been damaged and sent back to Drs.

I then called up Drs. knowing that they have excelent customer service. I got exactly what I was expecting and within another 5 minutes, they told me another stand was on the way.

This is what customer service is all about. I will always do business with Drs. and Fed Ex because of how well they handled things.

Nice to hear. I've never had any problems with Drs. Foster and Smith. Always really quick to get my orders and good customer service.
I already knew about how good Drs. is. I was really suprised about Fed Ex. I thought it would have been like talking to a brick wall.

Just set up a temp 10 gal tank for the big move onto the new stand for the 30 gal. :) Cant wait for the new stand. Have had the canopy and the T-5 fixture for over a week.

I use there family of sites(2Doc's,liveaquaria,E-tropical)more often then any other.I consider them the best on the web.Glad things work out well for you.
Just wanted to update every one on how awesome Drs is.

I just got the new catalog in the mail and noticed that my the stand was 15% off. Called them up and they gave me a credit in the amount of the difference between the new and old price. Theese people are so nice

Not fish, just corals and inverts. Everything was fine. One time, I did have about half of my cleaner crew arrive dead, no idea why.
I never bought fish but have ordered corals.Nothing died,excellent packaging and livestock.They have a great customer service and guarantee so give it a shot Lion.I like there Diver's Den area da' best.
My sister ordered some that will be delived on Tuesday. I'll know then how ell they arrived. They have very good customer service I order a lot from them.
Never bought anything alive from then. I've never had a problem with them until recently. Of the last 2 orders from them one was lost in the system thanks Fed ex. The second was delivered but it was not what I ordered. They do try to make it right on the back. All in all just seems like their service has gone a little downhill to me.