Dr. TIms Waste Away


Do Not Listen To Me!!!
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I used this on my first tank which was an 80 Gallon Bowfront. I was sort of skeptical at first because as many people know there are not a ton of successful miracles in a bottle.

Well if you have ever took the time to go to his site and see his success all around the world you can tell he is not the typical guy making things for your reef tank.

While there are surely people who will still no buy in I have now had 3 successful experiences with his stuff. There are no chemicals in his products that I know of and not any in the stuff I have used with success.

Like I said I used it in my 80 Gallon. Waste Away is meant to help clean your tank of the build up of sludge. Now I do not know any tanks with sludge but basically it cleans what your typically can't from just husbandry.

My tank went from what I thought was pretty clean to sparkling clean. My rocks were all good enough to eat off of. Well at least the fish said so.

I then used his One and Only to cycle my 220Gal and just as advertised it worked like a charm. Now I had some variation that differ from a new tank even though mine was new but it did what it say and did it very well and was very predictable.

Now the most recent success came just over the last 3 days.

I all of a sudden had a Cyno out break. I had rocks that were completely purple with it and my clam was even purple and my sand was messed up.

I did a water change Saturday and finally got my Waste Away and dosed the half dose they strongly recommend for your first dose. The next day I could already see a slight improvement.

Day 2 I was shocked that I could see my clams shell as well as parts of my rocks and my sand was looking much better.

Day 3 today it is hardly noticeable but maybe some on the clam shell, some spots in the sand and it is at least 75% gone off the rocks.

I plan on putting in a full dose on Saturday because it is a weekly thing and that is not matter if I can see it or not. I would imagine it will linger for a bit.

I did replenish my Chaeto as well now so I am hoping it can take off as well.

I read a few post online of people saying it did wonders on their bout with Cyno. It does not at all claim to even be for this problem but it is marked on their charts as a secondary helper for it after their other stuff call ReFresh. I did not use the ReFresh because it warns it could harm snails.

So I wanted to share this with you and let you know how it worked for me in the past and now recently. I would tell anyone who wants to clean up their tank to use it. It does say to dose weekly as maintenance but that would get expensive. I think even using it 1 time a month could really help out.