Does my clown fish think a green hair algae patch is an anemone or something?

I had a mini-cycle in my tank originally and while I was gone on vacation a rock or two in the tank some some significant algae growth. Anyways, I plucked a lot off but in one part it's still a bit long and the other night I noticed my clownfish decided to sleep in a little indentation in the rock near all the algae. Today he is constantly rubbing in it and staying in that spot like clownfish do with anemones. Is it possible he thinks it's an anemone lol?
Clown fish are nuts! She probably slept there for some protection.They will try to host with almost anything in the tank. Mine hosted with a magfloat cleaner befor she hooked up with my BTA.
Yeah, my clownfish is nuts too, he seems to have hosted the back of my k1. I guess I should probably get it a better place to sleep.
lol, my clowns have always had a different selection of corals ot host, they prefer FAKE plastic anemones and powerheads :p
Well I was just about to start pulling algae off the rocks and I reached my hand into the aquarium and he keeps chasing me away from his spot nipping at my hand? Any reason to be concerned for sudden territorial behavior? He also has darkened recently but I'm guessing this is due to maturation? I hope he doesn't have ich again though I noticed what might be a spot today and he seems to be breathing a little faster so I'll have to watch, however would this have anything to do with agressive behavior?
Well should I try to pull it? I'm trying to get rid of this crap. I finally had it gone but then when I moved some stuff around it caused another cycle, not to mention by circulation was bad cause I didn't have enough powerheads.
Yeah I just have to do it slowly lol unless I want to be bitten over and over, not like it hurts. Yeah usually she mostly hangs out on the left side of the tank but I recently got 2 new koralia 2 powerheads so the difference flow setup might have made her decide to move.
try getting a fake plastic/silk plant and sticking it in the same spot as the hair algae to distract her... she may forget all about the hair algae and then be checking out the new fake plant... then jsut take it out when you're done with the hair algae :) lol clowns are called clowns for a reason