does everything have to be read by a MOD?

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nothing has to be pre-approved by a mod except for links from newcomers i believe. where did you post it, because it says you have two posts. and welcome to the site
I posted it in the equipment section and it was just a pic of my skimmer- it did say it couldn't be posted until a MOD approved it- think thats just ridiculus
It's only for a short time. The only reason it's there is help slow all the spam. People get on here and post link to stuff they're selling on there 1st post and this rule doesn't allow them to.
but do the MOD hang around here at all? :pissed:
I belong to another site as well and they are in there all the time

I know its a smaller site here but come on :frustrat:

its been over 6 hours now :censored:
well it worked :Cheers:

People here are really easy going and get along really well. However, this doesn't really help. Yes, it worked, but please try to understand why it takes ten posts. There is far too much spam so there had to be measures put in place.
If your first few posts contain pictures or links, they have to be approved by a mod. We get a lot of spammers, and their posts almost always contain links or pictures. This is a way to prevent tons of spam from showing up.

This is a very small site, and mods are not online 24/7. I'm sorry that you were frustrated about how long it took to get your post approved, but that's life. Us mods have lives outside of this site too (and there are only two moderators anyways), but we try to get to all the posts that need approval as soon as we can.

Spamming other threads (like this one) and complaining doesn't help any, as I can't hear your complaints when I'm away from my computer :)
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well it worked :Cheers:

It may have worked but it was definitely rude and uncalled for. Everyone on this site is very nice and extremely helpful. I have not been here long on this site but so far from what I have seen it is one of the best and most helpful without alot of the :pooh: that some of the forum sites have. Please do yourself a favor and learn some patience as all of us here know how to be most of the time.
If this was Reef Central, you would have seen "Moved On" under your name. What you just did here to get your pic to show would have got you banned there.
And on top of the unruly post, we still have shown nothing but kindness and patience with you, and that being said, I would like to say Hello and welcome to the site.
lol....all that just to get a picture of your skimmer up faster? its better than porno crap getting posted on here by spammers and underagers coming across it. just take it in stride:) mods here are pretty diligent. welcome to the site
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