does anyone else have angels in their reef?


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I was wondering if I was the only crazy person having large angelfish in their reef tank. I was all done with mine until I had the emperor tragedy and then had a psychotic purple tang kill my blue angelfish. Soooo, I have to start over again. I have success keeping my LPS from getting eaten, but I am always looking for new tricks. Here are my secrets for anyone who is interested in attempting:

1) Choose corals wisely. For me, the marine trade is all about the fish. I would be fine to have all softies if I could not keep my angels from eating the LPS corals. If you are particularly attached to a coral, you might not be able to stomach the risk. I have two branch hammers, a wall hammer, a maze brain and a frogspawn. I also have a dozen other softies including: zoos, xenia, every mushroom known to man, five assorted leathers, etc, etc, etc.

2) Choose angelfish wisely. Emperors, Scribbled, Blue, Passer, yellow bar, and blue ring are all possible to keep in a reef with LPS. many people have kept big angels with softies and SPS corals. I believe that they can be kept with LPS (my favorite corals) with care. If a specimin does nip, take it back and try another until you find one that will behave. It can get expensive but it is worth it to me.

3) Establish corals first. This is one little secret I have. Put in all the corals you want before you introduce an angel. Make sure they have been in the tank for a few months and are well established. Once you put in an angel, they will sample whatever new coral you put in.

4) Feed, feed, feed. I feed my fish three times a day and use seaweed twice a week. I believe that if you feed frequently, they will be happily eating meaty foods and will be full and not interested in corals. I have found that when I do not feed enough, the angels pick at corals.

Let me know what you think. If anyone has other ideas, let me know. I want to have three big angels in my tank and also want to keep my corals. Thanks in advance.

-Dr Marco :sfish:
I have a Coral Beauty Angel, but I haven't added any corals yet. My 120 is only 4 months old. I have my first coral in my 24g aquapod ( I think it is a Devil's Hand) that hitchhiked in on the frag my grape kelp was attached to. I was thinking of adding it to my 120, but it seems quite happy where it is.

I will probably add a xenia to my 120 in a month or 2. I hope the CBA doesn't get too interested, She is quite well fed.
IVe been thinking about adding a small flame angel to my 55,but it'll be after I have all my corals.It'll be the last fish I add.
i have a french angel and so far is behaving good...althoug i dont have soft corals in..they need to be feed regulary..literature says that the are not good reefs fishes cause they will feed on almost anyting when they starve..i feed myne 3 times a day sufficient so suffice him..but gosh they are beutifull..thanks for the advice dr.marco