Do purple tangs color fade with age?


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Do purple tangs color fade with age?
I am looking to get a purple tang and have noticed that all the 5-6 inch specimens I see seem to look drab and discolored comparaed to 2-3 inch size tangs for sale. Is this common with the purple tang. I have even noticed that the pattern or design on the fish it self even seems to go away even seems to go away.
Many fish will change color with age, but many fish will also fade out when they are very stressed and sick. I am not sure if the purple tangs fade with age, but if you have a bigger fish that has been stuck in a smaller tank for too long I would bet its from stress. So I would evaluate the situation and decide which one you think it is.
The color on the purple tang should not fade with age under ideal water parameters. If does fade its usually temporary. The feeding should be diversified but seeing your experience you probably already know that.