Diy Refuge


Reefing newb
Finally got back to building a refuge .I was stuck on the ideal .When I went to the meeting of the Chattanooga Reef Club I seen Chris's refuge and that looked good to me .So i took his design and went to work and this is the outcome.Marine Algae complements of Chris .(Thanks)




nice work. now all you have to do is to get a couple full pic's, and a price and you can make um and sellum locally or? anyways nice job.
Do you have any pics without the plank of wood in the center? I also notice you are using, what appears to be, a RIO 3100? I had one of these and had trouble with it pushing up a 4 foot head. I believe it was a bad unit so i had Jon (Bermuda Triangle) replace it (Act of congress). I've yet to try my new unit :D

Can you provide a close up of your pump? In particular, I'm curious what that is connected to your 3/4" tube. Is that the regulator? If so, how did you connect this all together?

Hello Fishman,
I recently acquired a 10 gal tank and want to convert it into a sump/refuge like yours. Do you mind giving me some feedback on what I need (materials) and take a couple more pictures of your sump from top view.

Thanks in advance,
yeah, but its not really needed. at least from what ive seen on a few tanks now. as long as its fully supported in all 4 corners, your golden. (and level LOL)

to make one like this, you would need some eggcrate, sheets of acrylic, plexi, lexan. glass even. just section off each partition, give room for skimmer in first chamber. then flows into refugium section. then into return. You can find tons of diy plans on the net for individual sizes. Eventually ill get pix up of my 20 gallon long converted into one.