DIY overflow on backed drilled tank ?


Reefing newb
Hey Guys!
Im building a 22wx2.5dx5.5in tall overflow box out of acrylic to go over two 1in drains in a 75g.I'll be useing a mag 12 for the return.The more linear overflow the thinner the water thus less noise and better surface skimming so I've read.My questions are should I cut teeth in the top of the overflow or use a"gutter gard" .How high should the overflow box go?If I cut teeth,how long?Any ideas?

hey buzz, I dont know good answers but I did make my own for a nano I built. the only problem I had was I cut the grate in the acrylic sheet. when I got water in it I realized I didnt cut the slots deep enough, so the water ran extremely close to the top of the tank. Its hard to know where to stop cause the water level will change depending on how big of a pump, and what size bulkheads are draining it. So if I did it again I would make a adjustable grate, plus it would be removable for cleaning. Anyway hope that helps alittle. otherwise I guess its trial and error. maybe someone else has done exactly what your doing