dipping corals

Sorry noob for the late response. On your first ?. Iodine is an antiseptic to begin with, so during transport or if any physical damage to the coral that has happened it helps the coral heal. Now iodine is also toxic to the coral, so it's kind of a double edge sword. Thats why the dip time is so important. But it's also toxic to the pests. Plus using freshwater causes flatworms to explode. Kinda cool! It's also known to kill the eggs. But none of this is 100% the solution. Best to inspect every coral you buy first and learn what pests to look for. Now on the Revive issue. Me personally I've never lost a single coral by using Revive, or any dip solution I've used. Not saying it couldn't happen, but what other factors were at play at the time this happened to people? There's so many variables that could have caused it. Amount used, time in solution, parameters, how was the coral handled before it was dipped . I guess all the horror stories you hear should not prevent you from dipping your coral. I hope this helps you. From what I've learned is that everyones opinion is the correct one .