I am a girl
In my tank I have about 90 lbs of live rock and a mix of crushed coral and sand for substrate (about 3 to 4 inches deep). This makes it very difficult to properly vacuum the gravel. Is there a critter that you can recommend that will help keep the bottom of my tank clean? I do not want something that east algae as I already have a lawnmower blenny and various hermit crabs and snails. I just need something to get that sludgy gunk off the floor where I can't reach. Or tips on making cleaning easier. Thanks for all your help (as usual)!

Again Sorry about the other day.

My general opinion is to not use crabs of anysort (exception acro crabs), but instead stick with a mixture of snails that focus on different areas.

Nessarius do good at removing detritus from the sand.


Are also good to mix when you want to focus more on algea, film algeas, etc on the rock and glass work.

Anyways hopes this helps.

BTW you can find these snails much cheaper than 1.20 each I just provided a general link. Also please note nessarius snails have a similar looking snail that can cause problems if you have clams... is a link to read about whelks.

Good luck