Dendros and Black Sun Corals- Oh Yes we do!! Has Easy Corals!!
Want to add some color to your tank without needing High Intensity Lighting? Want a Dog and Pony Show Tank? Wow your friends and family with the All Natural Coral Alarm Clock!​
Dendrophyllia and Sun Corals are NON Photosynthetic Hard Corals - Easy To care for and SUPER Beautiful! They multiply quickly and are Fun to watch and grow!! These are some of the coolest corals out there because they will eat and eat, and once they are in the habit of eating at an exact time, they will extend their “fingers” at the exact time EVERY day!! Right now we have both Dendrophyllia and Black Sun Corals in stock - These are not available in the industry often - so get them while you can!! To teach them to eat in captivity requires a few day of tempting them. Use the liquid from frozen mysis which has been thawed in a cup with tank water - but do not release the mysis into the tank until you see the fingers/ flower portion of the coral extended. Using a turkey baster - simply baste the coral in the liquid from the mysis shrimp which have been thawed in tank water. NOTE - Do not use an excessive amount of this as it will add unwanted food waste to your tank - nothing that your protein skimmer can't handle. Within 2-3 days the coral will begin to extend the finger/polpy portion - and then you can start target feeding with the actual mysis shrimp. If you use a strong pump or power head it may be helpful to turn the pump(s) off while feeding to insure the coal can "catch" the food with its sticky polyps. If you feed at the same time every day - within a week or so the coral will open at the appointed feeding time. Feeding multiple times per day is also possible and will greatly speed up the grow time of the coral - however make sure your clean up crew is up to par - as the coral may not be able to eat all food added to the tank and this will result in a lot of unwanted food waste in your tank!! I have even fed Dendrophyllia pieces of silver sides (cut into .5 inch chunks), they LOVE to eat. Dendrophyllia and Sun Corals like moderate flow (to catch stuff as it goes by) and LOW light. They can tolerate more light but can not tolerate a lack of flow!!! On the reef they are under ledges, etc…. These are fantastic Low light option corals and everyone loves them when their flowers are completely out!!