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2nd post this morning, this time is about look and feel. My 60gl is layed with black sand and a black background. i really dont want a cheesy look to my tank I would rather it be naturally colored and feel like a real reef. In that aspect do you all have suggestions on items to add that are on the easier care side that will add bright color? I have some blue and green Zoas which will be nice once they grow larger. (if anyone can tell me how to move them from the plate they are growing on and onto an actual rock that would be helpful). I also figured the fish will add color as well. Once I am ready for an anenome this will help too, but are there brighter colored live rocks or gorwing "stuff" that add color to a tank without having to deal with the issues of live coral?
You could try some of the prettier macro algae. There are some pretty red and purple ones. As far as fragging your zoas, I will link you to another helpful youtube video :)

[ame=]How to Give Soft Corals a Nip/Tuck - YouTube[/ame]
You could look at Candy Canes or brain corals too, assuming you have the lighting to keep them. Zoanthids also come in pretty much every color of the rainbow, as do mushrooms and Ricoderas. All of them are fairly easy to care for