Death in the Family :(


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Ok so I posted yesterday about my clowns acting weird. They are acting the same today, and I was told they are likely pairing or attempting to spawn.

In any case, my blenny was fine. No visible signs of anything other than personality. I came back in today and he was dead. Still no signs of anything other than 1 of his eyes looked white??

Is there any disease that would cause his eye to turn white so fast or after death? Or is this a normal thing after a fish death?

The only thing I noticed was that for some reason my temp was down to 77.0 when I walked in the door. Thats why I freaked and started the search for my fish friends. Im assuming that My turning off my powerheads last night, and forgeting to turn them back on didnt let the heat in the tank distribute correctly? :frustrat: :grumble: :death:
I think my clowns may also have ich... Which may be what the blenny died from? I never saw any spots the entire time I had him though. But my clowns are barely eating, if at all. They seem to be smaller/skinnier.
You have not given enough information to venture a guess. I do not however think it is temperature related. oxygen levels maybe. if you have a deep sand bed, possible hydrogen sulfied released. really hard to say.
Well the only info I have is, that the blenny had a white eye, but his body was fine. The second clown looked terrible. Both eyes were white/cloudy, and its skin was looking kinda the same. The 3rd fish, my still alive clown, his eyes are fine, but he looks to be cut, and some of his skin is missing...
If what you have is a fish disease, I would refer you to the helpful articles and on page one is a very long article on fish diseases. this should give you some idea as to what is going on. I am sorry to hear you are having this difficulty, so now is the time to try and determine what is going on. as with all things it could be a number of things. so check out the article and hopefully you will get some clue as to the problem. if not I can recommend the following book to assist you in determining the general affiction. THE COMPLETE AQUARIUM PROBLEM SOLVER. by: Kevin W. Boyd.
ISBN - 1-56465-142-8. HOPE SOMETHING HERE HELPS. Naturally the thing to treat with is a gram + & - antibioctic in a quaranteen tank and move all fish for treatment. good luck.
well im off to read then. For now i am fishless once again. I humanly euthanised my last clown last night at 4 am. I stayed up to monitor his health since he was getting worse. It started as a small spot of missing skin around 10 pm. By 4 am. He was mising about 1/4 or so of his skin, and I couldnt stand to see him go through pain since he sat in one spot.
Im sorry to hear.How long after(the pumps were forgot about) did the fish start acting funny?Did you see the ich before or after (tpwfa)?Did you check water levels afterwords?How long was the tank set up?
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My tanks been up for a bit over 3 months. I waited 1 1/2 months for cycle. Then waited a month between additions. except the 2 clowns I got them at the same time. My water tests fine, everythings the same, except my nitrate is a bit higher sitting at 20. Im not sure now how long after they were acting weird now, I kinda put it out of my head for now. Im not paying mind to the tank at all except keeping with water changes and topoffs. Im not selling it, but Im waiting 3 months before new fish come along. In the meantimes ill be trying coral and building a cleanup crew slowly. Ive gotten even more coralline now, but still not on the glass. My rocks are now mostly all green, and most of its turning pink yellow and purple. some red and pink.

This also gives me time to catchup on my other hobby... CARS. So i mstill happy I have another hobby to move over too. Been working on cars steadily for a few days now. Installed 2 turbo kits this week, some fuel stuff, tuned some guys, and im about to redo mine.
I was thinking it could be that blennies are somewhat harder to keep then most people think, without a good amount of Healthy algea.Thats the only fish I had trouble with but my tank was new at the time, actually 6months new and still couldnt house (Im sure its diffrent for other tanks).Maybe when the blenny died that might have caused just enough of a spike to cause the clowns to strees and produce ick and then maybe died from ick or some other disease its realy hard to tell.Im glad to hear about you getting your hands dirty again (with the cars and all)my Evo is in impound long story....
my blenny didnt eat algae. he was a combtooth blenny, and he ate flake daily. and alot of it lol.

So whats with the evo? you been street racing? you can pm me the details if you want. doesnt matter.