deal or no deal?

I literally just sold my 175g i JUST picked up. Was just to large =(, but i found a different deal. The one i posted earlier. 150g with sand and rock $400
my lfs sucks, they wont buy anything from me. I had a couple things outgrow my tank and ended up just giving em away because they wouldnt buy it back, only take it.
What did you try to sell back? My LFS won't buy back Kenya trees, but they have bought back GSP, xenia and mushrooms from me that I've trimmed from my tank.

Last week, NoobDeBiff and I pruned my kenya trees and put 3 lbs of stuff in the trash.
As far as livestock i wanted to know if they would just give me only like $5 store cred for a huge long spine (about 5" diameter) and I didn't have any Xenia, but I have seen on here how you sell em to your lfs. I asked if they would buy any of those and they said nope =\ Not sure exactly what type you have though, i asked about the pulsing variety.