DAS 160 gallon with built in sump (How does it work?) HELP


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Just purchased a DAS 160 gallon tank that has a built in sump in the aquarium. Instead of the tank being drilled, the filtration works within the overflow area. I just purchased this tank and have no ideal how to plumb it or how it works. Can someone explain to me how this unit works? Also the 2 pumps in the bottom picture came with the tank, where do you think they were placed, what chamber in the sump would these go, also looks like it has a built in skimmer, can you tell me how this will work? Does it need a pump or something? I am totally lost on this one. PLEASE HELP me guys I know you all are super smart and are gods when it comes to this salt hobby. Thanks for your time.





Those are just return pumps. I'm sure you just place them in the left and right "compartments." Where's that white pvc going? Does it connect to what I assume is the built-in center?
I was told it was a das h39 filter system. I emailed das and asked if they had an instruction guide they could link me to and they sent me this link explaining how it works but I think it just confused me even more. I will probably just get someone from my local reef forums to come set it for me and show me the works.
When you get a chance,post the link here.Plus pics of how it all goes together.
Here is the link http://www.petstorefixtures.com/H29___H39_Drawings___Instructions_JPG.pdf Hopefully one of you guys can decipher it for me :D. I understand a couple sentences but when it starts talking about denitra bag, nitrate chambers, etc, I was thrown for loops :shock:. I also think my sump has 1 extra chamber then what the h39 is showing. It don't really have pics showing what I need, that is why im confused. Definitely not the sump physics that I know.
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Those directions are worse than the ones I got when I married my wife:D
Its gonna take somebody smarter than I am to figure that one out.Sorry.
I think I would try to adapt it to be like a Nano or Red Sea in tank system if possible.