Cycling a tank, adding fish and corals

Went with the raw shrimp scared the crap out of me when i was moving a rock today because I forgot it was in there...thought it was a worm from a live rock that just happened to appear...oh well
hey guys I want to start up a 35 gallon saltwater aquarium, 4 yrs ago I had a 50 gallon but sold everything, therefore I need refreshing on lighting. I had corals in my last tank ad I want to do the same, however, I want to know whats a good light fixture... can you guys help plzz
Two water changes in and my tanks doing awesome...just added a background (solid boring) and two more live rock (think Im done with the rock) August after my vacation im going to add a bubble anemone and maybe coral if im feeling adventurious....
Add the coral hold off on the anemone for a while you will be unhappy if your tank isn't ready for it. Don't rush only bad things happen fast in this hobby.
By august my tank will be 6 monthes in...i do a reg 10% water change every two far so good...August ill be gone for a week so im not adding anything complicated prior...
Great and careful explanation Josh, thanks a lot.
Wish you can help me with the correct size sump for a system with 1.600 gallons, how big it should be.
I have a 1.600 gallons system divided in to 10 tanks, each of 160 gal, each also have and undergravel biological
filter with power heads, two on each tank, all draining from tanks, get in to a common drain,ending in a 500 gallons
common recirculation tank.
from this big tank, the water return , passing true two swimming pool filters, packed with , sand, Activated carbon and Zeolite, after this filtration stage, all water pass trough a UV filter on line, returning to aquariums, the system runs 24 hours daily.
I need to build the sump that will receive the water , prior to the common recirculation tank.
Thanks in advance for your answer
Best regards
Rafael tree is doing ok...doesnt seem totally happy other coral is doing just fine as are my month ill be adding my first anemone...cant wait...
I am pleased to see that this post is still going and useful :) Maybe I should refer to it when I start my own tank up again haha
OK so I have a question. I have a 55 tank and a 40 sump with a 20 frag in one system. I am adding a 110 FOWLR to it as well using live sand and dry rock. I have it plumbed into the system and ready to go but was wondering if I need to fill the new tank and let it sit to cycle or if using dry rock precluded that? Would just filling it up and letting it run into my existing system cause a cycle throughout?
You could have a small cycle to your whole system depending on how much decay you have in your dry rock. You could also have enough bacteria to support the added dry rock and not experience any cycle. I think I would play it safe and NOT tie the 110g to the rest of the system just in case until you get that tank stable.
That's what I was thinking as well. If I don't see an ammonia spike how long should I wait?

I filled it up some Saturday and completely today (my storage tank only holds 55 gallons).
I think you have two options here:
1) initiate a cycle just like you would starting up any new tank and remove any doubt.
2) test it regularly for the next few days and see if anything happens--- if not there may not be enough die off on the dry rock to start a cycle in which case you can tie it to the rest of the system and seed the rock that way.