Cycling a tank, adding fish and corals

For my first Saltwater tank, way back 20 years ago, there was no live rock or live sand to be found. I started my cycle using 2 Black Mollys that I aclimated to salt water with a drip. They actually had babies during the cycle. Once the cycle was done they were aclimated back to fresh water. :D
lol, yup! Just a regular piece of table shrimp. I actually used a piece of shrimp you see during cocktail hour.. or at holiday partys :) lol worked fine for me... :Cheers:


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so i set up my tank roughly 3 days ago and its doing well so far. i checked ammonia last night and it was zero(im guessing it hasnt started cycling yet) i started with 50 pounds of dry rock and added about 6 pounds live rock from the fish store the following day. i also started with 60 pounds of sand;half live half regular). just running powerhead right now and temp is at 78. salinity 1.021. i was going to add a piece of shrimp today and see what happens...
what happens to this shrimp lol does it disinigrate? do i eventually take it out? how soon do you think i should see a jump in ammonia levels?
You can take it out when you see the ammonia level start to go up. Some people just leave the shrimp in the tank to rot, but it will start to smell if you do that.
It depends on what size tank you have. For smaller tanks, a skimmer isn't necessary as water changes will take care of it. But for larger tanks, they are invaluable because larger water changes are a hassle to do. If you don't get a skimmer, you will have to do bigger water changes more often.

Octopus is a good brand. They make affordable skimmers.

What size would be good as far as not needing to get one? I have a 29 gal and think it would be ok without one for now. am I correct or should I get one when I have the extra $?
Love this thread....going to pick up my last few items for a local person who's parting stuff out...I'm talking bout rodi unit, substrate, live/dry rock, test kit, hydrometer/refractometer, salt, and then imma start my process to cycle...I'm excited and couldn't be more greatful for all the info....just gonna be a fowlr...wish me luck
So im starting to get Brown algea on the rocks. I know this means my Nitrates? are high or nitrites? does this also mean my tank has finished cycling?
FYI its been about 2 years since i had a SW tank lol i dont remember the cycle process.... Sorry for the ignorance...
It means you have nitrates, and you dont know if the tank has finished cycling unless the ammonia and nitrites are zero :)

Welcome back to the addiction!
thats right Nitrates. I honestly think its from over feeding lmao THEY LOOK HUNGRY :) i will do a water change to drop them down... Thanks for the refresher
thats right Nitrates. I honestly think its from over feeding lmao THEY LOOK HUNGRY :) i will do a water change to drop them down... Thanks for the refresher

Good idea. My first water change lowered mine just below 5ppm. I am doing another one this week and hopefully it will drop it to 0 so I can get my Skimmer soon. I just got paid some bonus money so as we all know it will all go to the tank :twocents::grumble: