corals not happy


Reefing newb
So my condy nem has made itself at home on a rock in the middle of a bunch of my corals. I have tried a bunch of stuff to move him but no joy. I have moved the rock to give nem less light. Hung him upside down he just loves pissing off my corals. Any help is appreciated.
It's a huge piece of lr and the corals are attached but I maam ser where the Ben's is irritating them and they are losing color and look well like crap. I could break the rock but I don't want to hurt my nem's foot. This thing is just a pain all my gsp and like 3 other coals are getting stung.
You should try putting a power head right in front of him an hour or two should do it . They don't like it to much and usually detach pretty easy after that
Use a cool butter knife and press/touch it against the foot of the anemone. They don't like the feel of metal and will retract its foot.