Coralife Aqualight vs Marineland Reef Capable LED

I'm comparing these two fixtures for my tank, a 36 gallon bowfront. I don't have huge reef aspirations. Mainly polyps and mushrooms.

As I mentioned elsewhere, I think the LED light gets good reviews by people that have them. What do folks think?

Coralife Aqualight 2 x 65watts Compact Fluorescent

Marineland Reef Capable LED

I've heard nothing but bad in regards to the Marineland LED. You can get much better LED for less cash if you stick with the more industrial models. Check out the Ecoray line for starters.
I did decide on the Coralife fixture and bought one already.

One a side note, a 36 gallon bow front glass canopy is a tight fit with the hang on the side filter it comes with. The Coralife fixture exactly fits the size of the glass. Meaning, there is no extra room anywhere on the top of the tank. The filter butts up against the back of the glass, which is fully covered by the light fixture. The front will not stay open on its own because it's against the glass.

A very tight fit.