After reading chris's response under fish diseases freshwater bath.I went to look into Coral Vital and found one of there other products called REEF VITAL FORMULA DNA.Has anyone used this product.I am tyring to decide wich is the better purchase Coral Vital or REEF VITAL FORMULA DNA
I have never used REEF VITAL FORMULA DNA, i'll have to check it out. I know I have had good results with Coral Vital itself. I have never had a case of ich as long as I have been using it and its great for promoting coraline algea. I hate shamless promotion but the product seems to work for me.
Hey guy's ........... I have tried the latter.......DNA and it was o.k. but I myself started noticing that after I started using a couple of drops of Galic Extreme from Kent on the frozen squares of brine shrimp plus as well as started feeding them garlic enhanced pellets and cyclopeze, ick (knock on wood) has not reared it's ugly head at our house either. For the most part though we had a real bad case and we ended up losing a lot of our stock because of it so we didn't buy any fish or really anything for a little over 2 months and that to I am sure did the trick. Just have to be careful when you add things and it is best to quarantine for at least 30 days and better for 60 days before adding to main tank.