coral lighting and coral selection


Reefing newb
I have a new 20 gallon saltwater aquarium set up for about a month now i do not have any live stock. i have 20 pounds of live sand and 15 pounds of live rock. I am wondering if a 100 watt t5 light with 2 10,000 k bulbs and 2 420 nm blue bulbs will be sufficient for a tank my size to be able to keep and type of coral i want? also i am wondering what are some good coral to keep with anemones, i know not to get one till my tank is mature i am just wondering for future reference. Are there some coral i should just not try and keep in a aquarium my size? also should i switch over to reef crystals when i start adding corals or are supplements just as good, what would be better in the long run. i know theirs a lot of different questions here but any help is appreciated..
the light will be fine i like the reef crystals they seem to mix better as far as a nem hold off for till your tank matures but most corals should do fine
ok thank you... Another question how do i keep anemones and other long polyp'd corals from stinging other corals in my 20 gallon tank?
With careful planning.

I wouldn't recommend a nem in such a young tank. Anything with long tentacles (euphyllias and galexias come to mind) need to be given lots of room.
i know not to get a nem yet, i know to wait till the tank is mature.... but what i wanna know is there ways to prevent corals from stinging other corals besides there placement i mean ive seen smaller tanks than mine with long polyp'd corals and i am wondering how they get them to not bother the other corals