Coral frags


Reefing newb
I just picked up a few frags (pics in my tank section, don't want to be double posting) but I have a few questions about dealing with frags

1.) The frags I picked up are Zoas. I will not be putting any additional livestock in this tank for at least a week, probably closer to two or three. Should I do anything to feed the Zoas in the meantime, or are they just fine being the only things in my tank?

And my second question applies to really any coral I get (this is my first time dealing with corals)

2.) How do you deal with adding the stuff on the frags in your tank? Do you leave it on the plug/piece of rock, or do you remove the coral and place them on your rock? And if I like buying frags, it's a cheaper than buying a whole colony, but I can see my tank being overrun with little square tiles!

Thanks so much!
They'll be fine just being in the tank by themselves.

I always just leave the frag on the plug and glue the plug to the rock. I use superglue to do it. I wouldn't really worry about the plugs too much, after a few months the coral will over grow the plug.