Cloudy Tank


Reefing newb
I,ve been setting back reading everybody's post and looking at everyones amazing pictures .My Tank is still young .It is only six weeks old.I have four fish and a few pieces of xenia started.All of my parameters are reading good , but my water is very CLOUDY.This has happened in the last 2 days.I have about 30 pounds of live rock in and about 50 pounds of sand in a 75 gallon.Do i need to set back and wait or is there something I can do to clear up the water.My skimmer has been going crazy while this has been going on.I have empty it 4 times in the last 2 days . THANKS
if you have a power filter try just putting some cotten in it and streatch it the lenght of the power filter so when the water is drawn down throw the wool it will catch the particles making your tank look cloudy.
hope this helps
I keep a sponge filter in my sump, I clean it regularly so that it doesn't build up bacteria to make nitrates. It gets rid of the floating stuff.
sit back and dream for awhile, sounds like it is still long has the rock been in there and was the rock new(fresh) .patience is the key.
all the above suggestions are good. a combination of them would be good. try some type of mechanical filtration and change it weekly, do not add anything else at this point, and feed sparingley. be patient and wait, good matinence, feed but do not overfeed, tank should start to clear in couple of weeks, and a little carbon (reef grade might just help a bit inithially. ( make sure your pumps or your activites are not disturbing the substrate. hope something here helps. my thoughts alone.