Cleaner Shrimp Died


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I had my cleaner shrimp for probably around 6 - 8 months and he died last night.
He never hides after a molt, so I know he's not just hiding. Plus, this exoskeleton looked different than all of his others. Also, my 2 clownfish were trying to eat it, which they've never done before.
So, some of my fish recently got Ick/Ich, I went to the pet store and they suggested I try Super Ick Cure (by API) I put that in two days ago, all of my other fish are doing much better, but now my cleaner shrimp is dead.
Could Super Ick Cure be the reason for my shrimp's death?
It's possible that it killed your shrimp. Inverts are much more sensitive to things like that. Just so you know for the future, any medication that can be used directly in your tank will not actually kill all the ich. It will only kill the adult parasites visible on your fish but, your tank is still infected with them.

Also, did you use the powder of liquid one?
I used the powder.
The active ingredients are : Malachite Green and Nitrofurazone.
It also says that some invertebrates may be sensitive to it but if you use half the normal dosage, they should be fine. Which I did only use half the required dosage.
"may be sensitive"

Their language was pretty vague, so its best not try it at all in with your inverts present. Sorry about your shrimp.
Always google or do a forum search before doing anything to your tank these creatures are very sensitive.