CHRISTmas gifts?

Cool idea for a topic.

Yeh I got some money. I have already purchased a 44 gallon rubber made trash can for water changes with the money. And I am going to order a new mh bulb for the acan tank and a aqua c remora pro skimmer for the 75 gallon. :bounce: I will finally have a real skimmer!!! :^:

Any one else???
I got a new Pentax K10D dSLR camera for from work for work but it will definetly make its way in front of a tank or two. I also got a Zune so now my fish can rock to 2,700 songs!
I got a riding mower....not sure how that relates to my fish tank other than i'm begging my fish fish friends to borrow a trailer :).
Wow dave they must be paying preachers pretty good these days!:mrgreen: JK. I just got money< So ill be ordering a kalk reactor and some other stuff, oh and I guess I got myself tunze osmolator. I ordered it a couple months ago but it just came in.
Let me know when you post the LT on ebay.... I know someone looking for one... sorry couldn't resist <wink> <wink>
my daughter got me a red sea mimic blenny...very cool looking fish :mrgreen: i'll try to get some pics of him if i can get him to be still for 5 secs...its spastic
I know its off topic, but I'm curious about how well you like the ZUNE, I've heard lots of scary stuff about it, like locking out your music that wasnt downloaded from the zune site, losing all your music if you cancal the subscription and end up having to start over when you renew, etc, even Bill Gates himself made some negative comments about it, apparently the restrictions werent microsofts idea, but the big wigs from record labels they carry. I scored a creative zen vision m 30 gig for chrsitmas, it rules, loaded about 20 gigs of music on it, which gives me 10 gigs for photos, and about 18 full length dvds after conversion, the video quality is surprisingly excellent, just gotta remember to download some donkey porn for the blue haired old ladies I usally get stuck next to at the doctors office:shock: :passedout
i got an xbox 360 for kids to but mostly for me to play, kids are kinda young for it but good excuse to get one for xmas.