Check out this COOL Tank


Do Not Listen To Me!!!
This would be awesome to have for a saltwater tank.

Can you imagine one side for Corals and the other for fish.

It would be cool in my opinion and you can just mix them as well.
Does the middle empty space serve a purpose, or just to make it look cool? I don't think fish care one way or another about swimming through tubes LOL Besides...if you stuck one of D's stupid cardinals in there, they'd get lost in the tubes :mrgreen:

Now, in Annadale, VA this pet store called Super Petz used to have these 2 HUGE tanks, linked by 2 tubes and you could walk under the tubes. That was nice. I'd never buy fish from there, though lol.
OH and what about the algae growth in the tubes? You'd have to device a bendable glass cleaner to scrub it out ;)
Ill get an algea eater or snails. I am always trying to post cool items so we can all see them for fun and you have to ruin it....waaahaaahhhhahhaahhaha