check out the new frags from the swap !!


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i dont really dose unless they take up to much calcium before the 2 week water change. if i do dose i use Seachem Reef Advantage calcium and alkalinity. i use Red Sea Coral Pro salt when i do water changes.

thanks for the compliment on the tank. it is finally starting to get where i want it to be.
Yeah,I really like how you made the islands.
I was thinking of going sps dominate and was wondering if I can do this without a calcium reactor.I see from you that I can.Now,just figuring if I need to lose the leathers.I sure hate to get rid of them,kinda fond of them.
Bobby , Nice tank man

I really think we needed to wear name tags, I would have loved to have talked to you but kinda felt wierd walking up to people saying are you bobby.

This was my first swap I really enjoyed it.

Where was your table?
i was the one with the laptop showing a slide show of the colonies the frags came from, and FTS's of my display and frag tank. i was the second tank on the left when you wanted in the door.

you had on a red hat, right ??
Orange hat.

I bought my acro and frogspawn from the guy next to you.

Man thats ok we live close enough to chit chat.

you got some nice frags. Did you win anything.
Sweet frags! What is that purple thing in the center-rightish of the tank, it almost looks like a purple candy cane slash clam? I can't tell what it is. But it's purple, so I automatically want it.
calcium is around 480 @ 1.025, 450 @ 1.023, and 420 @ 1.021 ... all are @ 75 degrees F.

ph ... 8.2 - 8.4

alk ... 2.2 - 2.5 mq/l
Thanks for posting those.
I'm still playing around with the idea of trying another brand of salt,Just aint made up my mind yet.

Did you get this from the guy to the right of you?
the first tank as you walked in the door,

heres the one i got from him


Do you know the name of it?
it looks like an open brain of some kind. Great pics. I always love to see another Regal Tang, they are just amazing. Love the rock set up as well.