Champion Lighting

I just ordered a new light kit, (T5s, actinics, and moonlights), from them, it got here this afternoon, I opened the box, and GLASS EVERYWHERE, all over the floor. I had to kick the dog and cats out of the room, the bulbs were not packaged in ANYTHING, no boxes, no plastic, no styrofoam, no padding, nothing. Just a bunch of loose bulbs rattling around in the box, banging up against the ballast. They were completely shattered and now there's powder and glass all over the place. Needless to say, I'm a little upset about the carelessness in packaging, and I'm mad because these lights aren't cheap... I'll have to call Champion Lighting tomorrow because they're closed now. I'm extra mad because it took them a REALLY long time to process my order and send it to me in the first place. I'll update you on what happens.
Asked to speak to Gary when you call tomorrow.

I promise he will help you out and make it better for you... Absolutely amazing guy. My first order was also damaged from them, but his handling it and amazing customer service over the last two years has made him and championlighting my first contact for all my aquarium needs.