CAOAC's 50th Anniversary Convention - London, Ont. Canada


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Updates to the CAOAC convention.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Anthony Calfo has regrettably had to withdraw from the speaker programme. In his place. Gary Lange will give a talk on digital photography.
The new schedule will now be:

Out Back Shack 7:30-9:pm Heiko Bleher "Adventures in India"
9:00-midnight for Meet & Greet with the speakers

Lecture Theatre 9:15am–10:30am Gary Lange on "Aquarium Photography"
10:45am– 12:00pm Heiko Bleher talk on "Newly Discovered South American Cichlids"
12:00– 1:30pm LUNCH
1:30–2:45pm Gary Lange "Collecting in New Guinea"
3:00–4:15 Bob Fenner talk on "Algae Can Be Your Friend"
4:30pm – 5:45 Heiko Bleher talk on Geophagus And Dwarf cichlids
Forwell Hall 6:30 pm Bar Opens
7-8:30 pm Dinner
8:30–9:45 pm Rein Breitmaier on his "Mediterranean Trip"
10:00 pm – ? Bob Fenner Light and Lively – "Candiru Catfishes, The Only Vertebrate Parasites of Man"

Also, I’m attaching a photo of the plaque that the North American Discus Association sent for the CAOAC’s discus class in the show. It’s a wonderful Blue Diamond discus on the award. I personally think it’s something to try for as an award at the show!

Well shoot! I wish I could cross the border or Id be there for sure. Only a couple hours away...I think.
If you have not yet purchased your ticket for the convention, please be aware that the cut-off date for FULL convention tickets is next Sunday. That day is May 10, 2009. We need to confirm how many people we need to arrange catering for.