canopy stuff


Reefing newb
someone should send me my first coral for free lol. you pick what it is.

anyways lol. i now have my canopy. I need to install and cut for fans. but should I:

put one on each end facing into canopy.
one one each end, one in canopy, and one pulling air out
I also thought of drilling say 1 inch holes in the top in spots to let air escape directly from the top, instead of just out the back?

right now i have my lights sitting about4 inches from water, theyve been on for say 2 hours, and my temp has gone up 2 degress. With my lights in canopy, they will be at least 4 inches higher, maybe more.
If the canopy has an open back or any open area, point all fans blowing in.

If it is completely closed have one end blowing in and the other blowing out.
Many ways to do this, if completely enclosed both fans at same end blowing out and gravity holes on other end to let fresh air in and pull across the hood length. if back is open both fans in, position just above the water line to get as much circulation at the water surface as possible. if back is open no need to drill holes in top. if totally enclosed holes in top will release some of the heat. hope this helps.