can anyone reccomend a good overflow w/lifter pump?


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I'm going to do a 10 gal refuge for my 110 tank, what would be a good overflow box to use? I don't want to drill any holes. I figured I could just plumb it with pvc to stay cheap. Any suggestions?
Lifereef makes the best overflow boxes from all the threads I read.I don't have their overflow but have a custom sump/fuge and skimmer built by them.

Is this solely for a refugium and not a sump/fuge combo?
yeah I just want a refugium. I'm already using a toms aquatics rapids pro series wet/dry with the bio media replaced with LR rubble
That overflow is working well, just looking for a cheap low flow for a 10gal...I'm wanting to raise live pods and chaeto, my flow rate should be low for that right? The pro series filter has a built in skimmer, do you think I'd need another skimmer baffled off in the refuge? If I were to do that I should go with a 20gal, I'm assuming.