bwaller76's 75 gallon w/sump


Love my tanks!
OK so this has been in the works for a while and over the course of the last few weeks I have been gathering and preparing to get this tank up. this will be my first drilled tank and sump system. I got it filled and running and fully tested for failsafe measures. here are some pics to show you what I have so far.

starting to fill it with water


LOL don't mind the bucket... don't quite have the amount of salt I need so I'm conserving LOL


finally my sump and plumbing... will get some rubble for it soon but most importantly no leaks anywhere and good operation!

thought maybe since it has been about six months since I started this post I would give you guys some pictures of what it has become
shipment of dry rock just put in

got some more and put livestock from my nano cube in

finally finished and looks better than I could have imagined





Ill have more soon its just getting started!!!!
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update... so for some time now all of the corals in my tank have for some reason been slowly declining or not doing as well as they should. I have done some brainstorming with my fish guy and have tried a lot of things. on our latest brainstorming session we compared my old 55 to the new 75 and realized that really the only thing that has changed was the return pump. he gave me a new pump to try for a while and upon changing them out and taking apart the old one I found deep grooves in the impeller shaft reaching all the way down to the metal insides with metal shavings on the outside of the shaft. we now believe that this was causing hard metals... more importantly copper to leech into the tank. hopefully this has cured the problem along with filter media to remove chemicals from the water and water changes!!! plus the tank is insanely quieter than it ever has been!