Bulk reef Supply dry rock


Reefing newb
Im currently setting up a 10 gallon nano tank and i dont have much experience i know that smaller tanks are harder but im sure it will be no problem for me i have done a lot of research already and have a friend who has had a 75 gallon reef tank for 3 years my question is about bulkreefsupply.com and their dry rock and if anyone has used or knows about it. was just wondering about the quality of it. thanks
Their rock is great, I used almost all BRS Dry rock when I set up my 75. And In the next few weeks I'll be adding some of their dry rock into my nano as well.
what kind did you use and how did the pieces look, and how do you make a request for the type of pieces on their site? some of the post people made said they got what they requested was just wondering
i got 80 lb of their reef saver rock and i love it has a lot of surface area and water can flow through it easy cause it has lots of holes in it.
My lobster has made a home in the rock and loves it.
what size did the pieces come in im doing a 10 gallon so i figured id get about 10 pounds of either fiji or the reef saver but im not sure how much that will turn out to be size wise
with mine i got about 10 big size rocks and a bunch of ruble rock .
i would say 10 lb will be a little over the size of a football. But the rock can be easily broken with a hammer and with the way the rock is even one large rock would look good in nano
I will be mixing dry rock from many places next time to give my tank a variety of looks. I wish I could find some dry shelf rock.
bulk reef supply has shelf pieces too and by looking at it all it seems like that is the better choice. one big rock actually does sound pretty nice too ill have to look into that thx a lot guys appreciate it