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Reefing newb
I have had a BTA for about 6 weeks now and it seemed to be doing great. My stubby Ocellaris started to host it within 3 days and everything seemed to work out great. Last weekend I did a 10% water change and replaced the airstone in my protein skimmer and turned it up a little. It seems that since around that time the BTA just seemed to look deflated. When the clowns weren't around it was just closed up most of the time and looked almost as if it were splitting. When I first got it, I set it right on top of the rocks and it moved into an overhang with just its tips in the light. Well last night it looked deflated and this morning it was in a different spot almost directly under where it was before. It may have even fell because it looked like I could see the bottom of it. It seems to have planted its feet but it is still deflated. I did a 10% water change, and turned down the protein skimmer a little. Any ideas of whats wrong? I have a 29g Biocube HQi with 150 Watt, 14,000K. Gravity of 1.026, Nitrate-20, Nitrite-0, KH-280, and PH of about 8.4. I have had the tank for about 10 months and the temp stays about 77-81. With 10% water changes every week.
Your nitrates are a little high you want them as lose to 0 as possible. Nems don't do well with nitrates so I think this is the first thing you should address. I would start by replacing filter media and giving the sump a detail cleaning. Fallowed by a few 25% water changes and see if it improves.
Well the BTA didn't make it. It was wedged between some rocks upside down, when I pulled him out it had looked like my crabs got to him. I did change out the filter yesterday but I guess it was too late.
one thing i would say is your temp swing is a good bit imo i keep my tank at 78 deg. +/- 0.5 deg. 4 deg. is a good bit i think