Brown Spots Growing On Glass, HELP!


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Hello everyone,
I am new to this page, and new to saltwater tanks. I set up my 54 gallon bow front about 2 months ago, everything has been perfect until a couple days ago when I noticed brown spots growing all over the glass of my tank. I really don't have too much knowledge about saltwater tanks, I usually have my LFS help me but they are out of town. Anybody have any idea of what this is, and how to get rid of it, also is this whats making my tank so cloudy ? HELP PLEASE !!

Thanks in advanced,


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That is algae a magnetic glass cleaner will take care of that for you.
Welcome to the site. It's nice to see new people in the hobby. You should start a tank showcase so we can fallow / help with your tank progression.
I don't won't discourage you but the size of your tank and some of the livestock in it are not going to be compatible for long.
And the tank is very young to have a anemone in it, pay close attention to your water quality.
Hi Ashley and welcome to LR!

You seem to be moving very quickly with your tank. Nothing good happens fast in this hobby. Use this site and our experiences to your advantage because we don't want your money. We just want to help you be successful. Unfortunately, that cannot be said for all LFS in business.
Good luck!