Brown Jelly Question


Reef enthusiast
I have an encrusting gorgonia coral that is on a rather large sized rock. I just moved it to a different spot a couple weeks ago and it seemed to love it. there is a k4 pointed directly at it but about 8 inches away so it does not get blasted with flow, but it does get flow. Now about 4 of the 12 inches of this strip of coral has brown jelly on it and im wondering what is the best thing to do to try to save this thing?
Take a good sharp pair of dikes(bone cutters) and cut the infected part off,at least 1/2" into the good flesh.
Thats about I know you can do for it.
hmm i guess it could be something else, but its brown and its covering the surface, kinda like a filmy brown deal and it killed part of it a while back
yeah, just not extremely thick like i could spoon it off of the coral, its a thin coat. almost like if you were to spread cyano thin over someting escept its brown not red